Biography 1

Moses Ntaro

Moses Ntaro - African SNOWS - LSHTM At the third SNOWS Annual Meeting, held this year (2013) in Uganda, the partners agreed to be interviewed for a new posting called Biography Blog which will be posted once a month on the AfricanSNOWS website.

Moses kindly agreed to be the first person to present in this format and we hope that you enjoy his dispatch as well as those that will follow.

Q “Hello Moses, can you start by telling me what you do?”

“I am the Assistant Community-based Education Coordinator and I work in the Department of Community Health at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Sciences and an MPH.

I am currently preparing a research training fellowship application to the Wellcome Trust to support me to undertake a Doctorate degree. I am the key person for Environmental Health and teaching courses related to water supply and sanitation and environmental health – all the SNOWS subjects so it was obvious for me to be part of the group at Mbarara.”

Q “What did you do before you began working at Mbarara University?”

“My previous job was with the Water Facility of the Ministry of Water and Environment. I was responsible for sanitation and environmental related activities in the facility. I then joined the university in 2008 and have been with the SNOWS consortium since its inception.

I was especially excited at about joining this special group because it covers a discipline not talked about in the university – Sanitation! Most of the work here is clinical and other areas of public health and the other important aspects of it - water and sanitation - were silent."

Q “What part do you play in the SNOWS group within the university?”

“I am involved in generating ideas for activities within the university, to do with SNOWS and then running or carrying them out. It is opening opportunities especially in water and sanitation which I enjoy very much.

I have particularly enjoyed participating in the water point mapping project and being involved in the sanitation agenda within the environmental health area of the university.”

Q “What difference has your part in the SNOWS consortium made to your work?”

“Personally, the opportunity that SNOWS gave me to do a refresher course such as at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It was their course on Tropical Environmental Health.

As I am a core person for teaching environmental health at Mbarara, the course built on my knowledge and therefore the university’s capacity to teach their courses better. It is so important and SNOWS continue to impact in this way with the opportunities it provides. It is improving my teaching and facilitation for graduate and post graduate students.”

Q “What difference has your SNOWS training made to the university?”

“After I had completed the Short Course at LSHTM, my Department wanted to know how the rest of the staff could benefit from such courses.

I really think this kind of training helps the university to open up and be more confident. I can help with orienting others locally and with international accreditation. The experiences give me more confidence in what I do and what the university does.”

Q “What other things have happened because of involvement with SNOWS?”

“As far as environmental health, and water and sanitation are concerned, it is helping us to link to partners outside of our normal range of contacts."

Particularly exciting for me has been that SNOWS has allowed me to link back to the Water Facility where I worked before. This has enabled me to contribute to the rural water supply issue in our country and I can use SNOWS as a platform tool to do such things as operational research. Therefore I can discuss ideas with the Water Facility where I used to work and help them formulate research questions that they are interested in and then put them forward to SNOWS.”

Q “There is a lot going on for you at work. What do you do in your other time?”

“I am involved in activities at my local church including bible teaching and supporting others through encouragement and counselling. The rest of my time is used to focus on working towards my PhD concept and applying for a Wellcome Trust training fellowship.”

Q “Thank you very much Moses and good luck with your future plans.”

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